MOTHERHOOD: A Tale of Love


Nov 24, 2019

As Preetha slowly regained her senses and her labored breathing subsided, she could feel Salim toying with her pussy, marveling at the puddle she had created on the sheets; her thighs were wet as well. A smell permeated all over the room. It was a smell of pure unadulterated passion and love. She pulled Salim to her, she needed some rest and her vagina was feeling too sensitive to be touched at this moment. ‘Enough, come here…rest with me for a while.’
Salim got up and nestled towards her, his fingers still caressing the bushy moist wetness of her crotch.
‘Look what a mess you have made Mommy…’ he quipped mischievously. He relaxed beside her, head resting on his hand as Preetha curiously trailed her fingers on her hot pussy which was almost releasing a vapor, her juices were smeared on her fingers as she pulled them up and inspected. The liquid was semi clear and gooey in consistency, like clear thin gum.
‘My God, what is this? It never happened to me like this before.’ She wondered aloud. Salim looked at her dripping fingers and said ‘It is your love Mommy, you gifted me with the love of your body.’
Preetha pulled him closer and they kissed passionately, it was a kiss of relief, Preetha’s skin was warm with the afterglow and they held each other, peaceful silence covered them like a warm blanket.
Preetha was feeling almost lifeless, her insides were still throbbing from the intense release, her muscles were feeling numb and sapped off any strength. Salim lifted himself on his elbows and whispered to her softly ‘Mommy, please hold me, I just want to cuddle with you for a while. I want to talk to you, please don’t fall asleep.’