Fantasy Kajal agarwal sex story


Fantasy stories of Kajal Agarwal's sex life after her acting career. sex
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Kajal agarwal was married to a top businessman who was 10 years elder to her..of course it was his money that mattered to her…unfortunately her sexual desires were unmet which disappointed her.
She lived in a lavish house in the outskirts of the city with her husbands family consisting of father in law,husband’s younger bro kiran. The family was served by many serventsservents including watchman ,Gardner,cook etc.
Her husband ‘manoj’ used to be very busy on international trips and would hardly b in home..if in home ,he would hardly give time to his wife,let alone satisfying her.
Frequently kajal used to mastrubate to porn videos. She used to miss all the fucking she used to get from the film industry. Inspire of all d flaws,she decided to remain faithful to her husband.
On the other hand, all the lustfull eyes in the neighborhood were busy ravishing her in their dreams. These eyes also included her servents and friends. The servants did not miss an opportunity to steal a look at the sexy figure of kajal and would ocationally peek at her milky cleavage and buttocks.
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Kajal was used to these eyes and used to ignore them.
An year passed like this. Once when she was giving an interview to a magazine, she had blabbered and given a hint that her sex life was dull. Though she corrected her statement, the interviewer had enough evidence that she was unsatisfied. He dared not to publish it but he spread the rumor.
Within a week, kajal was greeted with a lustful smile wherever she went. Some also used d prevelage and tried to touch her hand and shoulders. Though she enjoyed , she was unaware of the source of these behavior’s. Time went on like this.
Once kajal had a terrible headache and she went to the nearby clinic for checkup. As soon as she entered, the compounder greeted her with smile and led her to doctor and stood there. The doctor checked her and instructed the compounder to give some prescribed pill to kajal on her way out. Compounder seated kajal on a bench and went inside d medical shop. There an idea hit him. He cut open d headache pill, removed the powder and replaced it with a escasy drug and gave it to kajal. The compounder had heard the rumors and he had planned to go to kajals home that night on the pretex of checking her headache and to take advantage and fuck kajal as she would be druged by the pill.
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It was evening and the compounder was ready to execute his plan. Unfortunately for him, he got a call that his mother is ill and he left cursing his luck.
Back home, manoj was on trip as usual , FIL was on pilgrimage and kiran had gone on a trip. Servents had gone home. Kajal woke up from sleep and she had dinner.
She was wearing a pink gown tight fit which protruded her boobs . she let her hair loose and had waxed her legs .

she took the pill and started to play some soothing music to calm her headache.
After a few min, she started sweating. She switched on AC and loosened her gown. Her cleavege was clearly visible and was a channel for her sweat to flow.the sweat was glowing alike a morning dew and had wetted the boarder of the gown. She was breathing heavily and her boobs rose and fell to the breathing. She switched on the TV and a hot song was playing. She could not resist and her hand involuntarily touched her crotch from above the gown.
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She started to rub it and let out a soft mourn. The other hand touched her boobs and she was squeezing it and slapping it. This continued for a few minutes where she was interrupted by powercut. She was high and she somehow needed to release her pressure. She knew rubbing and fondling were of no use. She needed to fill her pussy with something and she had to b humped.
She stood up ,switched on her mobile torch light and went into kitchen. She searched, knocked down a few vessels and finally found her gold. A tall thick carrot. She cleaned it thoroughly and rushed to her bedroom.
She stood in front of the mirror with the carrot in her hand. She bit her lips and stared sexily at her reflection. She slowly undid the knot on her gown and let it part sides. She was wearing a black bra which supported her boobs, and a black panty with a wet spot. She did a little dance number and stripped down her gown. By this time the generator had kicked in and lighted the room.
Then she slowly started to lick the carrot while running her fingers through her sexy curves. In a couple of min, the carrot was drenched with her saliva and was slipping from her fingers. She then unhooked her bra and threw her bra away, the godly milktanks popped out and greeted her reflection by jiggling. Kajal then kept the carrot in between her boobs and pressed her breasts together. She started jumping up and down which made her boobs jiggle vigorously. I swear, if ever a man had seen this,he would hv jerked a lifetime.
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Then, kajal went to her bed and in a swift motion removed her panty. Her brown pubis was aroused by the fresh air it received. Kajal was still fondling and licking her boobs which was shining like a dewed milk packet . her nipple was erect and was bitten by kajal repeatedly. She then put the carrot tip near her pussy entrance and teased herself for a while. She then inserted the carrot into her vagina in one go and let out a loud mourn. She then fucked herself and let her juices flow in a go. She laid satisfied partially on her bed and went to sleep.
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One thing she was unaware was that all her sexual activities had a witness. Yes , and even he had videograped the whole act by jerking thrice. It was non other than the watchman .
He saw light in kitchen an a few vessels knocking sound. So he went to kitchen window and peeked. He saw kajals hot ass and asscrack from the gown when she had bent to take the carrot. He then went to her bedroom window and thanked his luck that it was open. He saw the sexy bitches acts and recorded the same on his phone. He had many ideas of using this masterpiece to fuck the lady of his dreams. How he does it , what will d wardboy do to his missed chances..will b told in the updates shortly