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Update - 5

The whole day just passed by. Anshul was excited with his wheelchair. He played with his 2 kids.
Swati prepared the dinner and they waited for Jayraj to come. He came pretty late. He had dinner with Anshul and Swati. He rarely spoke to Anshul and all his attention was directed to Swati. Anshul felt a bit odd. He thought may be he has offended Jayraj in some way. Why is he not talking to me properly.
After dinner:
Swati: Anshul, mai aaj apke pas soungi..
Anshul: aaj kya hua?
Swati: Kuch nahi..
Jayraj: Ha bilkul.. but wo bed to chota he..
Swati: koi bat nahhi..adjust kar lungi..
Anshul: thik he..
Jayraj cursed Anshul for saying a yes.
Swati went to Anshul's room and tried to adjust on that small single bed. But the place was really small and Anshul was getting uncomfortable.
Swati: mai neeche so jati hu..
Anshul: tum waha chali jao na..kya problem he..
Swati: aap kya samjhenge.. wo Jayraj ji ka room he.. ek do din thik he.. but aise daily?
Anshul: Are wo kitne bade hain age me..kya hua usse?
Swati: fir bhi..
Anshul: ab zabardasti kyu kar rahi ho.. itni thand me neech sougi.. waha chali jao.. Sonia to beech me hi soti he..
Swati unwillingly said.. yes.

Swati went to the bedroom slowly. Jayraj was awake.
Jayraj was happy to see her. Swati avoided him completely. She didnt want to go on the bed. She went to the window and stood there looking out. Jayraj climbed out of the bed and went near her.
Jayraj: Sogi nahi?
Swati: aap so jaie..
Jayraj: mujhe neend kaha ayegi..
Swati: kyu.. aa jayegi.. jaiye..
Jayraj: tum chalo sone..to aa jayegi..
Swati: please.. mujhe nahi jana..
Jayraj puts his hands on her open waist. He turns her around.

Jayraj: Rat hote hi hume kya ho jata he?
Swati: pls.. hat jaiye.. yaha se Anshul ko dikh jayega.. humare room ke darwaze khule hain..
Jayraj: to kaha le chalu tumhe.. ye ghar ki rani banana chahta hu tumhe..
Swati: nahi.. ye sab thik nahi he..mai Anshul ko dhokha nahi dena chahti..
Jayraj squeezes one of her breast. Swati lets out a heavy moan. Jayraj digs his nose into her neck smelling her and licking her neck wildly. His errect penis pokes her belly.
Swati: nahii...aaj nahi..pleasee..
Jayraj: kyu..kya hua,,,
Jayraj quickly picks up Swati.. and starts moving out of the room. He swiftly crosses the door so that anshul cant see them. He opens the 3rd bedroom door next to Anshul's room and quickly goes in and throws Swati on the bed. He bolts the bedroom door.
Swati looks at him with heavy eyes.
He removes his t shirt and his shorts...Swati for the first time sees Jayraj's penis.. It was thick..It was long.. she realises she is not at the right place. She rushes for the door.Jayraj pulls her saree pallu..
Swati: please jayraj ji.. aaj jane dijiye.. aisa mat kijiye..
Jayraj speaks no more words. He pulls her by her pallu.. and digs his teeth in her soft cleavage. She lets a huge cry.. Tears start coming out. Jayraj pulls up her petticoat.. she tries to run away. He gets hold of her panty. He pulls it down as much as he could. In the process it tears away.
Swati pushes him. He rushes behind Swati. He picks her up and wraps her legs around his waist. and holds her close by her waist.
Swati: kyu aap mera ---- karna chahte ho..
Jayraj: kyuki tum sex nahi karogi mere sath
Swati: mai apki nahi hu
Jayraj: ban jao na
Swati: mai apse pyar nahi karti..
Jayraj tears her blouse.. and sucks the white flesh over her bra..
Jayraj mumbles.. I love you.. I love you Swati.. tum meri sab kuch ho..
Swati cant climb down. He has held her tight. She can feel his hard penis jumping. dying to enter her love hole.
Jayraj: ek bar ghusane do na.. tum nahi janti.. mai pagal ho jata hu din bhar..
Swati: nahi Jayraj ji.. please..
Jayraj takes his right hand to his penis and tries to guide his tool inside her hole. He finds it and he starts rubbing it fiercely on her entry. The huge black man resembles a monster with a petite angel on his waist. Swati feels like loosing all her self esteem. How can she allow this monster to rub his dirty tool on her most pure place. Even with so much resistance, he pushes his errect penis with thick veins upwards into her hole.. and it goes in tearing inside. He starts thrusting without wasting any time. Swati's soft body starts jumping with his strong thrusts. 'Thup' 'Thup' Thuppp' is the sound in the room of the flesh striking each other.

Swati's moans drives him crazy. He keeps sucking her breasts like a baby. With his full power and might, standing on hisshe two legs he keeps fucking this housewife. Swati wraps herself around him. She looses the battle. Their thirsty lips meet. He holds her hips and presses them hard. Swati's periodic aaahhh aaahh aaahs fill the room with the pleasure music. She cums and has her orgasm. Her liquid starts oozing out of the hole making her lover's penis wet. With full force Jayraj keeps thrusting her.. And grunts like a Lion every time he thrusts her. He digs his face in her busty bossom full of milk. The couple are in a world of their own. No one to disturb them. Like two animals in the jungle mating. She is his. He is her. This love making carries on for 15 minutes. He fills her entirely with his white liquid. The collapse on the bed.
Jayraj was panting heavily. He had just fucked Swati in a standing position picking her up entirely. Jayraj was lying on top of Swati. Swati's saree was crushed to her waist. Her pallu was not at the usual place. She lay with both of her hands on the bed, eyes closed. Jayraj's mouth was dug beneath her neck. Jayraj knew he had a personality for which women die for. He knew Swati wasn't so easy to trap. But he was content with whatever he got. He looked at Swati. Her eyes were closed. Her lips were parted a bit. He was getting a soft errection looking at his woman. His hands went involuntarily to her breast over the blouse.


He squeezed it slightly. Swati let out a heavy moan. It was so soft like sponge. He kept looking at her face and pressed her breast with his huge hand again. He did it 2-3 more time at regular interval.
Swati: aaahhhhhhh!!!
Jayraj slowly opened her top blouse button and removed the top hem of the blouse to expose a bit of the swollen flesh of her breast. He put his rough lips on that part and mouthed it. He felt the softness in his mouth this time. Swati wasn't wearing a bra as she had planned to sleep with Anshul tonight. This made life so easy for Jayraj. He kept pumping her breast hardly with manly force totally squeezing the spongy boob. The breast swell more in his hand. He moved to her parted lips. She opened her eyes. One of her hand was resting on her soft belly. The other was on his back. He moved down on her lips. He pecked a small kiss by touching her lips with his lips. He got a full errection which poked Swati's hand over her belly. He moved a bit lower and aaaaaahhhhhh,,, the soft kiss. Swati moved beneath Jayraj. Jayraj and Swati's kiss very quickly turned into a smooch. They were kissing like a couple in love. He was sucking her upper lips without any resistance. Swati was just allowing him to do so. Swati started moaning - 'mmmmmmmm' Then started the wet sloppy kiss. Jayraj engulfed both her soft lips inside his huge mouth. Swati's hands went behind Jayraj's back to carassing his hairs softly. She was getting excited. He was getting excited. She didn't know why she was still here. But her body kept her there. With her 'lover'? She was feeling ashamed. Her husband unaware was sleeping in the next room. And here she was kissing her enemy. Jayraj was pumping her breasts and they were smooching. Jayraj was enjoying this love making. This is how he wanted Swati. Totally involved with him. His dream woman. His dream wife. Did he love her? He was thinking. Did she love him? He was getting excited at these thoughts. Their kiss was growing wild. The room was filled with noises like.. mmmmmmmmm... mmmmmmm... mmmmmm... groans from both Jayraj and Swati. They parted for a second, looked at each other directly in the eyes, breathing heavily and started the kissing back.
Swati stopped.
They were talking in whispers.
Swati: mujhe jana he ab..
Jayraj: abhi nahi..
Swati: please..
Jayraj: ek bar aur..
Swati: nahi Jayraj ji.. ye thik nahi ho raha.. koi aa gaya to?
Jayraj: Kaun ayega..
Swati: Anshul wheelchair pe he.. wo aa sakta he.. mai kahi ki nahi reh jaungi.. ye darwaza to thik se band bhi nahi hota..
Jayraj: to bathroom me chalogi?
Swati: Nahii... .... ye thik nahi he.. mai...
Jayraj abrupted her and put his hand on her mouth.. He picked her up.. he wanted to take her to their bedroom's bathroom where the kids were sleeping..
Swati: Nahi.. please..
Jayraj picked her up.. easily.. walking with ease
Jayraj had picked up Swati. His one hand was beneath her knee joint, the other was on her back. She had submitted herself to the power of Jayraj. She knew even if she resisted, it would be of no use. He went near Anshul's room wanting to checking if he was sleeping or not.
Swati: Jayraj ji.. mujhe utaar dijiye.. mai chal lungi yaha se..
Jayraj put her on the ground. He checked Anshul and he was sleeping. They both walked past the room. The moment they were entering the bedroom, they saw Sonia awake on the bed.
Swati rushed to her quickly.
Swati: kya hua beta? Sonia: Mummy mera pet bahut dard kar raha he..
Swati: oh..dikhao mujhe..
Jayraj looked at her helplessly as Swati looked for medicines and totally forgot about Jayraj. Jayraj too helped her as Sonia was just not ready to sleep.
Swati made Sonia lie on her lap and patted her to sleep. Jayraj was sitting in front of her looking at Swati. Swati looked at him and then at her daughter.
Jayraj: So gayi kya?
Swati: Nahi..
Jayraj: Sula do na jaldi..
Swati understood what he meant by that. Swati: abhi aur nahi..
Jayraj got a bit frustrated. He stood and left the room.
Swati saw Sonia was falling asleep. After 10 minutes when she saw she was asleep, she put down Sonia on the bed, switched off the lights and went outside on the balcony. Jayraj was drinking and already had 2 neat large pegs. He saw Swati going to the balcony. He was bit drunk. He followed Swati. He saw her standing on the balcony. She was wearing a yellow saree and matching yellow blouse. He was able to see the matured and plump conical shape of her breast from the saree side pallu. He got an errection. He went behind Swati and put his hands on her waist and carassed it lightly.
Jayraj: mmmmm... kya dekh rahi ho..
Swati didnt resist his hands on her waist.
Swati: kuch nahi..
Jayraj: Sonia so gayi?
Swati: Haa..
Jayraj: kya tum Anshul se pyar karti ho?
Swati: Han..
Jayraj: ab bhi?
Swati: Kyu abhi kya hua?
Jayraj: Kuch nahi..
Jayraj encircled both his hands on her belly and put his face on her shoulder. He was rubbing his errect penis on her soft protruding hips.
Swati closed her eyes.
Swati: kkk... koi.. aahhh... dekh lega Jayraj jjjjiii.... mmmmmm
Jayraj: chalo fir andar..
Swati could smell his alcohol in the breath. For some reason she found it very manly. Though she hated men who drank. He turned her around swiftly and put his lips on her lips. They kissed in the open balcony. He was fully drunk. He started sucking her neck wildly. Swati was moaning. Before she felt unconscious in his manly kiss, she hissed. Swati: Jayraj ji.. andar le chaliye... ppplease...
Jayraj didnt waste time, picked her up again and walked inside. He straight went inside the bathroom, and bolted the door. He put her down. He turned on the shower. They both became totally wet. He pulled her close and they smooched. His hands were on his wet waist. She put her arms around her neck. The kiss was going wild every second. He removed her pallu. He squeezed her breast.
Swati: aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
The water kept pouring on them. He puller her close and sucked her cleavage and pressed her hips. Her saree stuck to her hips. He could feel her soft hips as he kept pressing them. He put his hand between her hip crack and kept running it over the crack. Swati was going wild. She started rubbing her leg over Jayraj's legs. Jayraj was sucking her cleavage. He left her hips and started pumping her soft breast. He waited for few seconds. He unbuttoned her blouse and slowly removed it. He looked at Swati's white breasts with pinkish nipples. They were totally errect. He pressed them softly, looking at Swati straight into her eyes. Swati felt shy as Jayraj's hands were on her naked breast. He rub his fingers lightly over her errect nipples. She moaned a bit. He removed his t-shirt and pulled Swati close and her breasts crushed into his hairy chest. The water was dripping on the couple constantly. He kissed her neck, her ear. Put his tongue insider her ear lobes. He went down and put his mouth on her naked breast. It was so soft and spongy. He felt like he would cum in his shorts. He removed his shorts. He kept sucking her boobs alternately. The wet sloppy and white breasts were looking more inviting. He removed his shorts and displayed his errect penis to Swati. Swati looked drugged already. He removed her petticoat by pulling the knot. He quicly pulled her panty elastic down and moved it further with his legs.
Jayraj's penis was moving wildly. It was touching Swati's crotch. They were both were stark naked under the running water. He started rubbing his hot iron rod penis on her soft milky thigh while sucking her soft breast and pressing her hips. He was runing his hand on her hips crack widly.Swati moaned loudly. They both lied down on the bathroom floor. They started kissing again on the floor. He bent down on her hairy pussy for the first time. He looked at her inviting pink hole. Wet with the water and her natural liquids. He ran his tongue along the length of her pussy line. She smelled of urine there. The smell made him wild.
He pushed his tongue deep inside the hole. Her hands went to his hair and clutched them. She spread her fat legs a bit more and he put his mouth more inside and was licking her pussy wildly now. Biting her at every possible corner of her pussy. She was giving the strong moans. Suddenly there was a knock on the door! They both got shocked and stopped.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door! They both got shocked and stopped.

Sonia was knocking on the bathroom door, searching for her mother.

Sonia: Mumma... aap andar ho?

Swati was shocked and embarassed a bit, but responded her.

Swati: Haa beta.. aap bed pe so jao.. mumma 5 min me aa rahi he..

Sonia: Acha ...

Sonia went to the bed and lied down.

Meanwhile Swati was about to ask Jayraj to stop, but Jayraj had cunningly left licking her pussy and positioned himself between her legs. The moment Swati wanted to tell her to stop, she felt a huge hot iron rod like tool enter her soft pussy. Her eyes closed, she bit her lips and her neck strained backwards. Jayraj had inserted his penis right into her tight vagina. For Swati, Jayraj's penis seemed a bit more longer and thicker. May be it grew more with excitement tonight. Jayraj felt the softness and tightness of Swati and started ramming her with all his power. He was drunk and that's why his penis was moving like a piston and it was double hard today. He looked at swati to judge her comfortness. He was never so rough and whenever he was half as rough as today all the women had complained and were not able to take his power. He saw Swati take his strong fuck with lots of ease. He kept banging Swati very fast. She was moist and wet and dripping. It made his penis move in out very easily. The sound of pure sex was coming from the bathroom. This was the second fuck in the same night and Swati was surprised at his sexual stamina at this age. They both moved closer. The wet bodies were more closer now. He put his lips on her red lips and started sucking them. Swati's legs wrapped around his waist and at times hitting his hips with her feet when he increased his speed. Swati made sounds like... hunnnnnnnn... hunnnnnnnnnnn... aaaaahhhhhhhhh... these were hot moaning sounds... Jayraj was grunting.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... ssssssswwwaatttttiiiiiiiiii.... jaaaaannnnnn

Their mating was at the peak. They both also realised that Sonia was awake and waiting for Swati. Swati wanted to end it quickly. She started moving her hips upwards to meet Jayraj's thrusts. It was like Swati was moving her hips up... Jayraj at the same time was moving his penis deeper inside. This made thhhupppp.. thhhupppp... thhhupppppp sounds of their hips banging against each other. Suddenly.. due to this aggressive fucking.... Jayraj's *penis swell like a cylindrical balloon... Swati understood he was getting his climax... Swati had orgasmed twice before this.. Jayraj wanted to hold his sperms but couldn't the moment Swati wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her breasts.. He sucked her breast and started spilling out thick white yellowish milky liquids insider her wet pussy. He ejaculated with such a speed... she felt it shooting right over her fertile eggs in her womb... He ejaculated for around 30 seconds continuously... her hole was overfilled and it was dripping down her hips on the bathroom floor. Jayraj's penis was shrinking... he popped it out of her beautiful pussy. She quickly stood up and washed her vagina... He came to help her.. but she refused... She took a towel, wrapped it around and left the bathroom. Jayraj was still inside the bathroom. He didnt want Sonia to see them both coming out together. She changed into a saree and went to attend her daughter. Jayraj after sometime, wore his wet underwear and came out of the bathroom and quickly changed his clothes into dry ones. He moved out of the bedroom. Swati put Sonia to sleep very quickly. She put her in the middle of the bed and came out of the bedroom. Jayraj was having a cigrette. It *was almost 2 AM in the night. They had fucked twice. Still Swati wasn't giving the romantic signals to Jayraj as he expected. Jayraj felt that their relationship was purely sexual and that too only when he initiated. But he was not content with this kind of relationship. He was wondering why? He used to be content earlier. He got Swati's pussy the way he wanted, then why was he still botherred.*

Swati went to the kitchen to have a glass of water. Jayraj was looking at her. Swati took the bottle of water and had a sip. She looked at him. He was staring at her fair belly, the deep, dark navel was completely exposed and about 3-4 inches above her petticoat. Swati felt embarassed and hid her navel. She kept the bottle in the fridge and moved towards the bedroom. Jayraj stood and blocked her way.*

Jayraj: Aao na thodi der bat karte hain..

Swati: Mujhe Sonia ke pas jana he..

Jayraj: Chali jana... abhi itni jaldi kya he?

Swati: Please jane dijiye..

Jayraj left her and sat on the sofa in the drawing room.

Jayraj: Acha jao..*

Swati went two steps ahead and then changed her mind and came back and sat near Jayraj.

Jayraj pulled her lightly towards him and they were sitting very close. He was touching her long hairs.

Jayraj: Kal subah mai 2 din ke lie bahar ja raha hu..

Swati: Acha..

Jayraj: Tumhe kitne paise deke jau? Tumhe ghar chalana hoga na..

Swati: AApko jitna dena he de dijiyega..

Jayraj: Mere cupboard me 5000 Rs hain.. wo nikal lena..

Swati: hmmmmm

Jayraj: kaisa laga?

Swati: Kya?

Jayraj: jo abhi hua hum dono ke beech...

Swati: jo hua..wo acha to nahi ho raha.. mai shadi shuda hu.. anshul ki biwi hu.. 2 bachon ki maa hu..

Jayraj: aur meri kya ho?

Swati: dekhiye.. ye sab bate hume shobha nahi deti.. mai aapke beti ki umar ki hu.. Anshul apko apne papa jaise mante hain..

Jayraj: Aur tum mujhe kya manti ho?

Swati: Kuch nahi..

Jayraj: mai kya laun tumhare lie... mangal sutra pehnogi mai launga to?

Swati: kya bol rahe hain aap...

Jayraj moved his hands inside her saree and pressed her boobs over her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra again. They were soft as usual. Swati let a moan... hunnnnnnnn

Jayraj: itne pyare aur meethe hain.. kya karu.. dabane ka man karta he.. aur muh me leke tab tak chusta rahu.. jab tak isme se doodh na nikle..

Swati felt embarassed and her face went red.*

Swati: Please aisi baate mat kijiye.. ye sab ab band ho jana chaie..
Jayraj pressed her breasts more and they looked into each others eyes. He moved forward and kissed her lips. They inched closer to complete the kiss with ease. Swati started a bit of resistance.

Swati: AAaaaaahhhh.. Nahiiii Jayraj ji....*

Jayraj: Swati... mai kal ja raha hu... please.. ek bar aur..

Swati: huuuunnnnn... aaahhhh nnnnaahhhiiiii...

Jayraj licked her neck..

Suddenly they heard Anshul's door opening... Jayraj picked up Swati and quickly went to the balcony so that he couldn't see them together. They were in a very objectionable position as Swati's saree pallu was almost down and Jayraj's zip fly was half open.*

Anshul came out on his wheel chair... and moved to check Swati and Sonia's bedroom. He was Sonia sleeping alone on the bed. He was shocked to see both Swati and Jayraj missing from the bed. He went to the bathroom to check and switched on the light. Nobody was there. He thought to himself may be Swati is in the kitchen. He was about to come out of the bathroom when he felt a sticky stuff beneath his leg. He looked at it and he could make no mistake. It was man semen. How come it is here. So fresh? His body and mind sunk.

He wheelchaired himself quickly to the kitchen to see Swati in the kitchen preparing tea. Jayraj was sitting on the sofa.*

Anshul: are ap log soye nahi?

Jayraj: Mujhe thodi chay peeni thi.. islie Swati ko uthaya..chai banane ke lie..

Anshul: oh acha..

Swati: Aap so jao.. hum bhi bas chai peeke sone hi wale hain..

Anshul was bit surprised at their odd behaviour. Swati's saree was tucked way below her navel. She never wore like this before. What was going on?

Anshul sat over there. He wanted to chat with Swati and Jayraj. Jayraj wasn't happy seeing his presence.

Anshul: Swati, kal Sonia ke school me Parents Teacher meeting he na?

Swati replied sadly: Haa..
Anshul: Tum chali jaana..

Swati: Haan, mujhe to jana hi he.. Sonia bahut bol rahi thi ki papa kyu nahi chal sakte..

Anshul hung his head low.

Swati: bechari ka ek hi sapna tha.. ki papa school chodne jayenge.. lene jayenge.. but abhi to kuch nahi ho sakta..

Anshul couldn't reply a single word.

Jayraj saw a golden opportunity here.

Jayraj: Ek kaam karte hain.. kal mai tumhare sath chalta hu school.. Sonia ka papa banke..

Swati was shocked and was looking at Jayraj. Jayraj smiled at her mischievously. Anshul was surprised too. He wasn't expecting this probably.

Swati didn't look up and replied.

Swati: nahi.. mai akeli hi jaungi..

Jayraj: problem kya he? sonia khush ho jayegi..

Anshul thought there is no harm in it.*

Anshul: Haa Swati... kya problem he... Jayraj ji ke sath chali jao na.. Sonia bhi khush rahegi..

Swati: Par aap samajh kyu nahi rahe.. thoda awkward rahega..

Jayraj was bit short tempered. He got a bit angry and left for the bedroom.

Swati judged that he got angry. She too quickly wrapped up the work in kitchen. Led Anshul to his bedroom and went to her bedroom.

Jayraj was lying on one side of the bed. Sonia had rolled up to the other end. In between there was space. Swati understood it was for her. She switched off the lights and climbed the bed and lied down besides Jayraj. Jayraj put the blanket on Swati. Swati and Jayraj inched closer.

Jayraj: kya problem he agar mai Sonia ka papa banke jau to?

Swati: log kya kahenge?

Jayraj: unko kya pata.. ki mai uska papa hu ya Anshul..tum bhi na..*

Swati: Aapko to kal jaldi nikalna he.. 6 baje..

Jayraj: Sonia ki khushi ke lie thoda late nikal jaunga.. to kya ho jayega..

This line melted Swati. For the first time she felt little better with Jayraj. Jayraj put his hand on her stomach and searched for her navel. He pushed her petticoat a bit lower, so that he could locate her navel fully. He pierced her navel with his finger.

Swati: AAaaaahhhhhhhh...

He wriggled his finger round and round. Swati came closed and started moaning.

Jayraj put one of his leg on top of her thigh.. and pushed his face in her neck. She felt his blood boiled errect penis on her stomach as they were very close. Her eyese were closed and they both were enjoying the touch of their bodies. Suddenly Sonia coughed and called her mother. They left each other hurriedly and Swati faced away from Jayraj and faced Sonia. Jayraj went behing her. He hugged her from behind and placed his semi errect penis on her hip crack. He started rubbing it there till it got errect again.* Swati whispered him that it's enough for today and they should stop. They stopped any further indecency and slept.

Morning they woke up and got ready. Jayraj, Swati and Sonia left for the school in Jayraj's big Skoda Car. Anshul sad enough kept looking at them go. He was happy for his daughter though. They went to the school. Jayraj interacted everyone as Sonia's father. Sonia was the most happiest. Swati could feel that in her eyes. She was laughing and jumping. Swati felt a sense of satisfaction. She saw her daughter happy after a long time. She and Jayraj behaved as her parents all the time. They looked at each other and smiled at times. He used to put his hand on her waist to show everyone that they were a couple. The event ended and he dropped them back at home. He wanted to kiss Swati but that coulnd't happen. He left for his work for 2 days.






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